Our purpose, mission, & vision statement.

To beatify communities by installing and maintaining quality landscaping.
To support team members in a personal and professional way that allows for them build relationships with customers and to meet and exceed their expectations with excellent products and service.
To set the standard for excellence in landscape instillation and maintenance in the markets we service.

What we focus on in grounds maintenance.


  • 1. Build relationships with managers so that we can meet their expectations for the work performed.
  • 2. Keep the flowers looking good.
  • 3. Curb appeal, make sure around the office and the front of the property always look good.
  • 4.Spray the weeds and keep weeds out of plant beds, driveways, and sidewalks.
  • 5. Keep the grass green and healthy.
  • 6. Make sure the plants are pruned.

How our company grows


Each year we move one of our outstanding workers up to be a foreman. This way we add a crew for grounds maintenance. We train that crew and then the next year we will do the same thing again. This allows us to train our employees. The new crew will be filled with new properties that we get through referals, we do not advertise. That crew will then do those jobs year after year. We have crews who have doing the same jobs for over 15 years. It makes it easy for us to tell our formen what work needs to be done, do the same jobs you did last week, that you have been doing for the last month, that you have been doing for the last year, that you have been doing for the last decade.

 Our supervisors have worked for us for an average of 21 years. Our Foreman average out to about 10 years. Our employee turn over rate is very low. Our employees make our company what it is. We treat them with the honor and respect they deserve. What we do is hard work and we appreciate the hard work our employees do.



We believe in our organization, the leaders are there to serve those who are under our authority. We do this by creating systems so that the employee can create what is needed to support the system and the mission statement. The leaders are to have the infrastructure for that to be possible, not the superstructure, not to make all the actual decisions, but to set the support system.

The most important ability of a leader is to ask questions that haven't been asked before.
The ability to inquire, not dictate.

Susan Clapp - President
Tim Heron - Vice President
Jennifer Wright - Office Manager
Jeffrey Chambers - Maintenance Supervisor
Jordan Fox - Landscape Supervisor

Martin Oliva
Max Orduna
Mayson Gibbons
Cornelio Alvarez
Artemio Villobos
Miguel Filomeno

Our Organization